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Customer and Keeper Delays

We know that in the travel sector we are sometimes subject to delays either on flights/trains/buses, but also due to city traffic.

Upon requesting the service, we ask you to indicate a pick-up and delivery time, please select them in a way you feel comfortable complying with.
Keep in mind that any delay in meeting with our Keeper will directly affect not only the quality of your service but also the travel of our other customers.

If you become aware of your delay, whatever the reason, we would ask you to inform our support team as quickly as possible via the Website/App chat line so that we can best manage the situation on our side.
Note that if you provide no information, our Keepers will only wait up to 30min at the set location, after it, we will leave and you will be charged 15,00€ additionally to the service cost for not showing up, supporting also the costs of a new pick-up or delivery in case of re-scheduling.

If one of our Keepers is late to meet you, we will always inform you in advance and try to keep the delay to a minimum to not affect your travel plans.
If we fail to comply with the scheduled time for more than 30 minutes, we will promptly reimburse you partially or fully, depending on the situation, assuring, obviously, the costs of a possible new pick-up or delivery.

We aim to provide a comfortable and stress-free service for everyone, respecting the trust that our customers place in the service!

Some notes for customers arriving by plane:
Please concede us the flight number upon booking the service.
Comply with the follow logic for scheduling the pick-up time:
EU citizens: select 30-40 minutes after your flight estimated arrival time.
Non EU: select 70-80 minutes after your flight estimated arrival time.

Updated on: 17/08/2023

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