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Luggage Storage and Security

When the Keeper picks up your luggage, each of your bags is sealed with a buckle that contains a QR code.
These buckles uniquely identify your bags and ensure their zips are untampered.

Through this identification, you will always have access to your luggage details and the responsible Keeper’s information (name, vehicle, contact).

Each bag is always insured for up to €500 to cover any unforeseen external event, with our Standard insurance.
You can also activate the Premium insurance when requesting the service, ensuring each bag is up to €1200.

Although, it is your responsibility to guarantee that the bags you deliver to the Keeper have all the security conditions and that the goods are correctly packed inside them.

LUGGit does not accept and do not carry dangerous products, as specified in the instructions of International Civil Aviation Organization, International Air Transport Association, Regulation of the European Agreement for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, Internal Maritime Transport Code for Dangerous Goods, or any other instrument, national or international, related to the transport of dangerous goods.

LUGGit does not accept and does not carry prohibited items described in INSTRUCTION IACO 17 or any other instrument, national or international, relating to aeronautical safety.

LUGGit does not accept and does not generally carry prohibited items.

LUGGit does not accept and does not generally carry valuable goods such as jewellery, precious stones and metals; bank documents or other bearers; any type of document, which the value is not determinable; works of art; porcelain; collection items; cash items; lottery tickets or other; fragile and unfit objects to be transported under the packaging conditions in which they are delivered; radioactive material, explosives and all types of weapons; all kinds of drugs and illegal substances; hazardous materials; perishable items; living things; any other product or good that may or make the total and complete execution of the service impossible.

The General and Particular Terms and Conditions of Use can be seen on this link.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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