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How does the service work?

LUGGit offers a service that collects your luggage wherever and whenever you want, stores it for as long as you need and deliver it back to a place and time of your choice.
The service is provided by professional drivers (Keepers), responsible for the collection, storage and delivery of luggage.
During the service, you will always have information about your luggage's location and the contact details of the Keeper responsible for it.

You can request the service through the Website or the App, available on Android and iOS.

If you book the service in advance, we guarantee that you will have a Keeper ready to pick-up your luggage at the location and time you indicate.
If you prefer to request the service in real-time, it will take us about 30 minutes to get to you.
To have a more comfortable experience, we recommend booking the service in advance.

Updated on: 28/04/2022