The safety and good care of your luggage is our main concern.

To guarantee it, upon collection, the Keeper will seal each bag with a buckle that contains a unique QR code.
Keeper will then scan these QR codes with the Keeper' App, ensuring that it is possible for you to track the luggage throughout the entire service and make sure it was not opened at the end.
You will have, at all times, the information about where your luggage is and the contact of the Keeper responsible for it.

Each bag is always insured within 500€.
There is also the possibility to activate the Premium insurance when requesting the service, which ensures each bag at 1200€.
Be aware that LUGGit is not responsible for the contents of the luggage, only about its transportation and wherebouts.

In the event of a problem with your luggage, LUGGit team must be contacted promptly, in order to resolve the situation.
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