A Keeper is the person responsible for collecting, keeping and delivering the luggage, during LUGGit services.

LUGGit ensures that the provision of the service always takes into account the well-being of its customers and the good care of their personal goods.

Keepers are the face of LUGGit during its services. To be a Keeper, you have to mirror the values, mission and vision of the brand in all your interactions.

Besides having access to a vehicle and a warehouse to perform the services, each LUGGit Keeper must:
- Ensure that the customers have an excellent experience, always prioritizing their safety.
- Communicate in a cordial, clear and sincere way.
- Comply with all legal requirements for the provision of services to LUGGit.

All the benefits of being a LUGGit Keeper can be consulted directly on the Keepers page, as well as the Keeper's application form.
Additional information can be found in the Keepers Terms and Conditions.
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